Video, Video Everywhere: comScore’s multi-platform online measurement comes to Canada

November 21st, 2013 | Bob Reaume, ACA

Ready or not, here comes the brave new world of digital measurement.

It seems it’s been the ‘Year of Mobile’ for about five years in a row now, but next year it may just happen.

Announced at ACA’s Annual conference by Gian Fulgoni, the Founder of comScore Media Metrix, multi-platform online measurement is about to become a reality in Canada. Over the last three years the overall time people are spending on the Internet has doubled, but traffic from smartphones and tablets now accounts for half of that time spent online. Up until now, online measurement was projected from a sample taken from desktop and laptop users only. But that is about to change when comScore adds 3 to 5 thousand sample users of smartphones and tablets. Smartphone penetration in Canada is actually higher now than in the U.S. (72% in Canada versus only 62% in the U.S.). That much traffic just can’t be ignored any longer and comScore has stepped up to the plate.

By adopting a unified and holistic approach to the digital consumer, companies will not only ensure they stay ahead of the curve in this uncertain environment, but they will also gain the insights needed to optimize their digital strategies and align around their most compelling long-term opportunities. In a world where multiple device usage is no longer the exception but the rule, the time has come for a new multi-platform approach to digital media measurement, planning, evaluation and optimization. And I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but after this, the next logical step is to add that other screen into this measurement mix: TV. I wonder if that will ever happen?