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(October 1, 2021) Quebec’s Bill 64 Receives Royal Assent, Ushering in “Modernized” Privacy Legislation and Heavy Fines For Non-Compliance

(June 28, 2021) Advertising Food and Beverages to Kids : A New National Code and Guide for Advertisers

(September 24, 2020) Global Advertisers Unveil a Collaborative New Approach to Cross-media Measurement

(July 22, 2020) A Call To Eliminate the Terms ‘Blacklist’ and ‘Whitelist’

(July 3, 2020) Improving Content on Social Media Platforms

(June 18, 2020) Ensuring Your Company Is Protected Against Double Liability in Agency Contracts

(May 14, 2020) Quebec Agencies to Adapt Their Media Planning and Purchasing Protocols

(April 27, 2020) Advertisers Must Exercise Caution When Producing Commercials During the Pandemic

(April 9, 2020) Agreement Between the Union of Artists (“UDA”) and the Joint Producers Association (“JPC”) In Connection With the COVID-19 Pandemic

(February 26, 2020) ACA Appoints Marketing Leaders to Two Change-Making Committees

(February 20, 2020) Marketing To Children Targeted in WHO Child Health Report

(January 20, 2020) Progress Report on UDA TV/Radio and Internet & New Media Agreements

(December 23, 2019) Supreme Court Reverses CRTC Simultaneous Substitution Order

(November 5, 2019) New Billing Policy in Quebec to Align With Rest of Canada

(October 7, 2019) Initiative Launched by Global Advertisers to Establish Cross-media Measurement Principles

(August 22, 2019) ACA Submits Comments to OPC on Cross-Border Data Flows

(August 14, 2019) A Guide To Algorithms and Discrimination

(August 8, 2019) Advertising During the Federal Election

(April 12, 2019) Recommended Actions in Response to Recent Brand Safety Issues

(March 15, 2019) UDA-JPA TV/Radio Commercial Production Negotiations Update

(March 8, 2019) New Chair of ACA’s Digital Committee

(February 21, 2019) Advertising on Youtube