First presented in 1941, the ACA Gold Medal Award is the Canadian marketing industry’s most prestigious honour. The award is presented to an individual whose outstanding achievements have contributed to the advancement of marketing communications in Canada.

The 2022 Gold Medal Award Winner is Mark Harrison, Founder of the award-winning marketing agency, T1, and of the global sponsorship conference, SponsorshipX. The award will be presented on September 29, 2022 at the Strategy Awards in Toronto.

Nomination Criteria

  • Open to all individuals in activities that have an impact on marketing communications in Canada (client marketers, agencies, media, researchers, academics, associations, etc.);
  • Awarded for a single achievement, or for accomplishments over time; and
  • Awarded to a candidate whose contribution represents a measurable, distinctive advancement in the practice of marketing communications in Canada.

Call for Nominations

Nominations are closed

ACA Gold Medal Award Recipients (1941-2018)

W.A. Lydiatt (1941) Madeleine St. Jacques (1977)
H.R. Cockfield* (1942) Denis Jotcham (1978)
J.E. Sampson (1943) Wm. J. Harris (1979)
B.W. Keightley (1944) Jack N. Milne (1980)
J.R. Robertson* (1945) Les McMahon (1981)
Emile Jean (1946) Tom Blakely (1982)
I.R. Greene (1947) Paul L’Anglais*
G. Alec Phare (1948) Yves Bourassa*
L.E. Phenner (1949) W.D.H. Davis (1983)
John Martin (1950) Hugh Dow, Michael Kennerley (1984)
Lee Trenholme* (1951) Jacques Bouchard, David Hopkins (1985)
N. Roy Perry (1952) Robert E. Harris (1986)
A.J. Casson (1953) Ross A. McCreath (1987)
M.M. Shneckenburger, Paul Mulvihill*,
J.S. Feggans (1954) Claude Cossette (1988)
G. Warren Brown (1955) Robert J. Galloway (1989)
W.J. Campbell (1956) Rupert T.R. Brendon (1990)
E.V. Rechnitzer (1957) Ann Boden (1991)
The Hon. William Hamilton (1958) Stuart Eaton (1992)
H.H. Rimmer (1959) Lloyd Hodgkinson (1993)
H.H. Rimmer (1960) Claude Lessard (1994)
William E. Trimble* (1961) E. Peter Elwood, Peter G. Swain (1995)
William E. Williams (1962) Maurice Brisebois, John Foss (1996)
Allan B. Yeates (1963) Peter Beresford (1997)
C. Warren Reynolds (1964) Sunni Boot (1998)
R.A. Barford (1965) Hugo Powell (1999)
Harry E. Foster (1966) David Harrison (2002)
Mayor Jean Drapeau (1967) Frank Palmer (2003)
W. Harold Poole (1968) John Cassaday (2004)
Bryan Vaughan (1969) Ed Marra (2005)
J.F. Glasier (1970) Dr. Alan C. Middleton (2012)
W.D. Byles (1971) Philip E. Donne (2013)
Ralph G. Draper* (1972) William A. Moir (2014)
Robert A. McAlear (1973) Paul Lavoie (2015)
Robert E. Oliver (1974) Linda Nagel (2016)
John M. Gould*, A.Z. Pengelly (1975) Susan Senecal and Tom Newitt (2018)
Allan E. Ross (1976) Shannon Hosford (2019)
* Awarded posthumously