Why join the ACA?

The ACA is the only professional trade association solely dedicated to representing the interests of client companies that market their products and services in Canada. Our members, over 300 companies and divisions, have collective annual sales of approximately $300 billion. Membership in ACA is restricted to client marketers only and it is this single-stakeholder focus that sets us apart from all other marketing associations.

Here are the top 10 reasons Canada’s leading brands join and remain members of ACA:

  1. ACA is a marketer-only association. Unlike at other associations, your position on key industry issues is not weakened to accommodate other stakeholders’ interests.
  2. ACA provides unbiased input into a members’ marketing perspective and possible actions – we have no conflicting interests.
  3. ACA is a forum for marketers to speak to other leading marketers on issues that matter to them – confidentially – without the imposition of other supply chain players.
  4. ACA is staffed with highly-experienced Marcom practitioners to provide members confidential consultation services, supported by best practice guidelines and surveys.
  5. ACA Webinars, seminars and Executive Forums are free as part of your membership. Importantly, we always strive to offer insights, not sales pitches.
  6. ACA’s committees provide members the opportunity to help advance their company’s agenda and shape industry direction, while providing valuable input into the advocacy issues ACA brings forward.
  7. ACA is present before government and industry stakeholders, ensuring members’ voices are heard, understood and acted upon, even when other associations are not present.
  8. ACA works tirelessly to retain an environment of self-regulation, ensuring that marketers retain their license to market their products or services in a responsible manner.
  9. ACA provides industry leadership in the quest for media accountability and transparency, which ultimately improves the cost effectiveness of your MarCom investments.
  10. ACA negotiates the union contracts with ACTRA and UDA on your behalf and can address talent issues in real-time to help save you money and ensure your production proceeds in the most cost effective manner. ACA members get direct access to our talent advisor.