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Latest News Releases

February 22, 2024
Ron Lund Retires From the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA)

February 7, 2024
ACA begins Request for Information process for Cross-Media Measurement

December 13, 2023
New collective agreement reached for the production of advertising between APC and UDA

September 27, 2023
ACA Gold Medal awarded to Tennis Canada CEO Michael Downey

September 8, 2023
Industry Aligns to Improve Cross Media Measurement

June 27, 2023
New Restrictions on Food Advertising Directed at Children Effective June 28

June 15, 2023
Wave II of Global DEI Census shows high recognition of industry efforts but no improvement on inclusion

May 16, 2023
The ACA and ACTRA reach agreement on new agreement

March 15, 2023
ACA Leads Second Global Industry DEI Census in Canada

September 8, 2022
ACA 2022 Gold Medal awarded to Mark Harrison

May 3, 2022
ACA Board Ratifies ACTRA Agreement

April 26, 2022
The Association of Canadian Advertisers and ACTRA reach agreement on new agreement

November 29, 2021
New Tool to Ensure Diversity and Representation at Every Step of the Creative Process

October 26, 2021
First-ever global DEI Census within the marketing industry reveals major challenges around family status, age, gender, ethnicity and disability in Canada

September 7, 2021
Former Walmart media exec tapped to lead ACA’s cross media measurement initiative

August 26, 2021
ACA Strategic Partners Supportive During Unprecedented Challenges

June 28, 2021
Advertising Industry Commits to New Food and Beverage Code and Guide to Deliver on Government’s Objectives on Advertising to Children

June 14, 2021
Canada to participate in global industry survey on diversity, equity and inclusion launching June 21

April 28, 2021
Marketers lag corporate progress on the sustainability agenda, suggests new research

October 29, 2020
Change Is Coming to Cross Media Measurement in Canada

October 21, 2020
P&G’s Bethanie Butcher Joins ACA Board

September 24, 2020
Global Advertisers Unveil a Collaborative New Approach to Cross-media Measurement

June 1, 2020
Emphasis Of CMO Role Must Be On Leading Multi-faceted Teams Effectively

May 6, 2020
ACA Appoints New Board Chair

February 26, 2020
ACA Appoints Marketing Leaders to Two Change-making Committees

October 7, 2019
Global advertisers launch drive to establish cross-media measurement principles

September 19, 2019
ACA Gold Medal awarded to MLSE CMO Shannon Hosford

August 2, 2019
ACA’s submission to OPC on Cross Border Data Transfers

April 12, 2019
Recommended Actions in Response to Recent Brand Safety Issues

March 12, 2019
ACA Announces Strategic Partners For 2019

February 20, 2019
ACA releases “The Marketer’s Guide to Dashboards”

February 15, 2019
Armin Huska new elected Chair of ACA’s Digital Committee

September 13, 2018
A&W Dynamic Duo to Receive ACA Gold Medal for marketing excellence

August 13, 2018
Open Letter to Publishers: Ads.txt is Necessary

January 15, 2018
ACA Ups The Ante On Its Member Services

November 9, 2017
Five New Members Elected To ACA’s Board Of Directors

August 1, 2017
Canadian creators and advertisers, Unifor, the National Football League and Bell renew their appeal to the CRTC to rescind its Super Bowl simsub ban

July 18, 2017
ACTRA, Canadian ad industry reach tentative settlement

June 15, 2017
Senate Steamrolling Bill That Will Download Costs Onto Parents

May 23, 2017
Bot Fraud Pervasive Across Canadian Campaigns: Report

May 18, 2017
New Study Shows Effective Programmatic Ad Buys Remain Elusive Due To Transparency And Complexity Concerns

May 17, 2017
ACA And ACTRA Join Appeal Of CRTC’s Super Bowl Ruling

May 16, 2017
ACA Mourns Loss Of Dynamic Ad Man Paul Hétu

March 13, 2017
ACA Announces Strategic Partners For Digital Era

February 1, 2017
ACA Takes Seat At The Table Of Media Rating Council

November 18, 2016
Canadian Marketers Demand Digital Third-Party Verification

October 5, 2016
ACA Welcomes Six New Board Members

August 9, 2016
ACA adds depth to its digital capabilities

April 2, 2016
Industry Standards Champion Linda Nagel to Receive ACA Gold Medal

March 17, 2016
WFA Global Marketer Week to be held in Toronto and Montreal in 2017

March 1, 2016
ACA Calls For Nominations for MarCom Industry’s Top Honour

February 18, 2016
Significant agreement reached for marketing communications industry in Quebec

June 26, 2015
Media Maven Davey Moves to ACA

May 14, 2015
All Hail! Taxi founder Paul Lavoie to receive ACA Gold Medal Award

March 17, 2015
ACA’s new guidebook is requisite reading for marketers thinking of undertaking an agency search

October 30, 2014
Report: Canadian Marketers Only Moderately Concerned About Protecting their Online Advertising Investments

October 9, 2014
ACA Announces Board of Directors for 2014-2015

September 19, 2014
ACA Highlights Advertising’s Contribution to Canada’s Broadcasting System at CRTC ‘Let’s Talk’ TV Hearing

July 28, 2014
ACTRA and Canadian ad industry reach tentative settlement

May 5, 2014
ACA Honours Bill Moir with Gold Medal Award

April 24, 2014
Purpose marketing ranks high in marketers’ minds

April 10, 2014
Ad Revenue on CBC More Vital Than Ever

February 20, 2014
Call for Nominations for MarCom Industry’s Highest Honor