ACA’s committees pinpoint vital issues that impact the effectiveness of our members’ marketing communications, underpinning our work of ensuring a transparent and accountable marketplace and protecting marketers’ license to market.

Committee members help steer ACA’s program development, drive our advocacy agenda and provide thought leadership to the industry.

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Cross Media Measurement Committee

This committee was formed with a singular goal: to address the needs of advertisers through the implementation of a standardized approach to unified cross-media measurement in Canada. The committee uses Establishing Principles For A New Approach To Cross-Media Measurement Framework, developed by WFA, ACA and other advertiser associations around the world, as a guide. Members of this committee lead the development of a system that gives advertisers a greater understanding of the reach and frequency of their advertising efforts underpinned by principles of Privacy, Standards and Metrics, Technical Infrastructure Pipework and Governance.

Digital Marketing Committee

The Digital Marketing Committee focuses on existing and emerging digital media and how it can be used to enhance marketing communications. Core areas include privacy issues, transparency, existing and emerging technology, cost control, research, regulation, standards and guidelines.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

This committee is dedicated to guiding and improving diversity, equity and inclusion within the marketing community at large. The Committee is comprised of marketing advisors who have a passion for equality and change. The Committee seeks to generate access to diverse and inclusive workplaces, facilitate opportunities to diversify talent within the marketing supply chain and curate toolkits to educate the marketing community.

Governments of Canada Advertising Committee

This committee meets on advertising matters that are specific to government, to share systems, processes, learnings and best practices with the goal of improving marketing effectiveness and ROI and fostering collaboration on matters of common interest. The Committee is comprised of advertising advisors who have direct expertise and involvement in federal and/or provincial governments across Canada.

Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs Committee

ACA’s Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs Committee provides input into ACA’s government relations and regulatory affairs efforts. It works to build trust with government decision makers by meeting expectations of government and working effectively with other stakeholders.

Marketing Communications Financial Management and Procurement Committee

The Marketing Communications Financial Management & Procurement (MFM&P) Committee is for members that want to develop better practices related to the management of MarCom processes and financial considerations. Areas of activity include agency relationship management, measuring ROI, MarCom dashboards and procurement.

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