Probing Marketing Innovation’s Transformative Power

September 19th, 2013 | ACA Team, Association of Canadian Advertisers

By Randy Scotland, ACA

Bert DuMars, Vice President, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research
Bert DuMars

How innovative is your organization’s marketing culture?

How you answer that question speaks volumes about your company’s prospects in today’s post-digital world, according to innovation expert Bert DuMars, Vice President, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research.

DuMars, who has been exploring the link between innovation and corporate success in a recent series of Forrester studies, is a firm believer that conventional marketing tools, channels, strategies and tactics are becoming less effective.

In the age of the perpetually connected customer, a shift from the traditional marketing funnel to the customer life-cycle and the impact of digital disruption is dramatically changing the marketing landscape, DuMars says. This is putting new onus on marketers to drive innovation velocity across a spectrum of marketing activities at a faster pace than ever before.

The key to success, according to DuMars, is to build a marketing innovation foundation and culture that emphasizes a post-digital mindset and encourages and rewards employees for bringing innovative ideas to marketing leadership.

DuMars will be presenting his latest findings at the ACA’s “Re-Mastering Marketing” annual conference on November 5th in Toronto.

He will also be unveiling the results of a special ACA Marketer’s Pulse survey on marketing innovation, based on questions he developed. Members of the Marketer’s Pulse panel are being asked to provide their perspectives on their company’s innovative status.

DuMars administered the same survey to a number of U.S. organizations. It will be interesting to see how the Marketer’s Pulse panel stacks up with their American counterparts.

Survey respondents will be able to assess their organization’s level of innovation among four categories.

Organizations at the high end are classified as customer-obsessed and are “defined by their complete immersion in and understanding of the lifestyle, needs, and wants of their target consumer segments.”

On the opposite end of the scale are organizations classified as risk-averse, with a culture that “typically exhibits command and control personalities.” In between are the experimenters (“known for rapid innovations that lack a long-term strategy”) and the pragmatists (“typically conservative and consensus-driven”).

ACA members will receive a report summarizing the Marketer’s Pulse survey results on November 5.