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Marshmallow Metrics: How WhiteOps Uncovered Bot Infiltration in Conversion Metrics

December 17th, 2019 | cwilliams, VP, Digital, ACA

“Reality is frequently inaccurate” — Douglas Adams

Digital media promised precision and has delivered something closer to a marshmallow. While media numbers are known to be susceptible to invalid traffic generated by bots, now WhiteOps, a cyber security company with a long history of fighting fraud, is uncovering vulnerabilities in the conversion metrics. Conversion metrics are the foundation of return on ad spend analysis such as multi-touch attribution.

In a recent ACA webinar, Dan Lowden of WhiteOps explained how bots are infiltrating the conversion events such as test drive bookings and credit applications used to calculate media effectiveness and Cost Per Acquisition. Additionally, marketers allocate media dollars to consumers who showed some interest in the product through re-targeting efforts. Marketers are seeing this as an increase in leads that never seem to convert.

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