Diversity and representation efforts are on every marketer’s mind these days and everyone is looking for ways to improve.

Last week the ACA released Diversity & Representation: Guide to potential areas for bias in the creative process, to help marketers eliminate bias from each of the 12 stages of the creative process.

From creative briefing to strategic insights and localization to media placement, the Guide identifies where bias can occur and proposes questions that can be used as a litmus test at every stage. It also includes best-in-class examples of campaigns from around the globe meant to inspire.

In this webinar ACA’s President & CEO, Ron Lund, will take us through the guide one stage at a time. He will offer additional examples of creative work that aren’t available in the guide to further highlight these 12 stages.

Presenters: Ron Lund, President & CEO, ACA
Date: Friday, January 14, 2022
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

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Ron LundRon Lund, President & CEO, ACA

Ron Lund accepted the President and CEO position at the ACA following a rich marketing and advertising career that encompassed both client and agency perspectives.

In addition to various marketing positions at tier-one packaged goods companies, he honed his advertising skills at FCB and Grey Advertising. He later went on to assume the role of President at several Weston Foods companies.

A solid understanding of the industry, coupled with acumen in management, has enabled Ron to effectively build relations with industry and government bodies, bring the voice of marketers to government and execute initiatives that meet the needs of ACA’s Board of Directors and general membership.

Ron has significantly enhanced the role of the ACA within the advertising industry with initiatives that include overseeing the development of numerous information, education and best practice studies and by taking a leadership role on government and industry issues that directly impact advertiser’s ability to advertise cost-effectively.

Ron serves on the Boards of the World Federation of Advertisers and Advertising Standards Canada.