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Purpose-led Brands: The Agency Perspective

August 12th, 2021 | Wahn Yoon, President and Chris Dacyshyn, Co-Executive Creative Director, Bleublancrouge Toronto

I recently attended a ‘global digital summit’ for marketers that was an eye-opener. Aside from the usual tech glitches, the artificial environment of having “roundtables” with no tables and trying to meet other professionals without being able to break bread together – there was a theme that ran through the conference that excited and inspired me: Purpose.

All through the three days, the “P” word was used again and again, by agency leaders, senior marketers and consultants. As though they had all caught the bug, as it were, and were spreading it around. Why? Because many at the conference recognized that today, consumers and employees alike (especially those in Gen Y and Z) expect brands to be purposeful. It is now the requirement to remain relevant in this era of social change and heightened consciousness.

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Purpose marketing: Is it important to your brand’s success?

April 30th, 2014 | ACA Team,

By ACA Staff The ACA recently published a report from a survey we conducted on purpose marketing, which explored the importance and success of this form of marketing according to Canadian marketers. Part of the Marketer’s Pulse report series, the survey polled 52 senior Canadian marketers representing a cross section of industry sectors and MarCom […]

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