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Creating digital media accountability through improved governance

March 25th, 2021 | Peter Hanford, Group Director of Digital Growth, Ebiquity Plc

Volume-based buying power has been the main value proposition of the media agency for the last 50 plus years, and with this, media accountability has been rightly focused on volume-based metrics. However, in the last ten years the industry has witnessed the rise of biddable media trading, replacing a relatively simple media ecosystem. This biddable media system is a complex universe of technology and data, with many objectives, KPIs, buy types, formats, and dynamic auction-based pricing. With this, the value proposition of a media agency has shifted to one of digital capability as a key differentiator. And so digital media accountability must now move away from volume-based metrics to account for this change in dynamic.

The need for a new approach is made obvious by one ghastly phenomenon – advertisers waste up to 60% of their digital media investments due to ineffective governance…

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