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Best-selling Author Paul Smith Shows How Stories Affect Sales

June 29th, 2016 | Matthew Chung, Manager, Communications and Content

Here’s a short story about the role stories play in increasing the value of products. Recently, Cincinnati, Ohio-based Author Paul Smith and his wife were at an art gallery when his wife fell in love with an odd piece of art. Smith, however, was less impressed and in fact baffled by the close-up photo of […]

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Who Gives a Hoot About Brand Loyalty?

March 24th, 2015 | tonyatilia, Partner, Maxim Partners Inc.

Brand loyalty is dying and, some would argue, on its last breath. The fundamental reason CMOs and their legions of marketers exist is to create brand loyalty, but this in and of itself is becoming an irrelevant and dated concept. Increasingly, especially in Canada, it appears marketers are becoming devoid of brand zealots, who define […]

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The Evolution of Cross-Screen Usage

March 17th, 2015 | alysongausby, Consumer Insights Lead, Microsoft

Canadians are consuming more media than ever before. Although the weather as of late has made me wonder if I’m single-handedly driving up our national average with my Netflix binging, turns out that’s not the case. Canadians not only have more opportunities to consume content through the ever-expanding number of connected devices at their disposal, […]

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Six content types any brand can turn into native advertising

August 25th, 2014 | ACA Team, Association of Canadian Advertisers

By Dale Lovell, Content and Publishing Direct, Adyoulike Most brands, even if they are not already creating content themselves, will be surprised about how much content they actually already have at their disposal. Take another look at your organization’s resources and you’ll be surprised at what content you already have – content that can easily […]

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Who Owns Your Brand?

June 10th, 2014 | ACA Team, Association of Canadian Advertisers

By Tony Altilia, Partner, Maxim Partners Inc. Who owns your brand? Do your customers own your brand? Not really, but they are increasingly more empowered to influence its destiny. Do your shareholders own your brand? Not really, but they can surely influence its value and market capitalization. Do your agency partners own your brand? No. […]

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Digital Trends: Microsoft’s latest research uncovers consumers’ lofty expectations of brands

April 2nd, 2014 | ACA Team, Association of Canadian Advertisers

By Alyson Gausby, Consumer Insight Lead, Microsoft Canada Our world is changing. If the last decade was defined by our hunger for new technologies, the next will be defined by our need for more human connections. Our infatuation with technology is starting to mature and we’re expecting more from our technology and devices, as well […]

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