WFA GARM Ad net zero global media sustainability framework visualGARM and Ad Net Zero (June 2024)

The Global Media Sustainability Framework is a cross-industry collaboration between WFA’s Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) and the Ad Net Zero community. It allows advertisers, media owners and agencies to measure across six major media types.

The framework has been developed over a 12-month period under the leadership of GARM, aiming to establish standardized measurement processes including initial versions of formulas and tools designed to streamline the collection of emissions data across the media supply chain. Until now, there has been no uniform, universally accepted framework for measuring industry-wide emissions.

The objective is to enable advertisers and their collaborators to comprehensively grasp and proactively mitigate the carbon footprint of their media strategies, aligning with Action 3 of the Ad Net Zero Action Plan.

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