Although headlines continue to report that sustainability is important to the vast majority of shoppers, getting sustainable products to succeed in the “mass market” is exceedingly difficult.

The biggest reason why is simple. “More sustainable” products are typically asking shoppers to make trade-offs in relation to price, performance, and/or convenience. And most shoppers, who do place some value on sustainability but are pragmatic by nature, simply aren’t willing to make such trade-offs across most of their purchases. Instead they pick and choose, weighing the sustainability benefits against a complex web of other factors related to the product experience.

In this webinar BrandSpark International will explain its overall approach to helping marketers frame their initiatives around more sustainable products (and set realistic expectations), while sharing insights from its initial qualitative exploration of how such pragmatic shoppers weigh different sustainability trade-offs with other factors while making purchase decisions in both food and fashion.

Presenters: Denis Hancock, VP Strategy and Kem Igumbor, Qualitative Research Manager, BrandSpark International
Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2022
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

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Denis HancockDenis Hancock, VP Strategy, BrandSpark International

Denis has been with BrandSpark over a decade, starting as a Director of Consumer Insights and eventually transitioning into VP of Strategy. His particular focus is on storytelling – turning data and insights into a clear and compelling narrative that not only provides clear direction on what clients should do, but is delivered in a way that enables the key stakeholder buy-in required to drive change. Prior to joining BrandSpark Denis spent a decade in strategy consulting related to disruptive consumer technologies.


Kem IgumborKem Igumbor, Qualitative Research Manager, BrandSpark International

Kem leads all of Brandspark’s custom qualitative work, in addition to developing and integrating innovative “qual-inspired” elements into their quantitative research methodologies. She has over 7 years of qualitative research experience and has worked on various projects with global brands and clients in CPG, Retail, Public Sector, Technology and Healthcare. Some of her areas of interest include usage and attitude research, brand equity studies, concept and campaign testing, and product testing.