Digital advertising has become a necessity for almost every organization and has risen in importance due to this past year’s unusual circumstances.

Whitepapers and presentations that outline best practices and case studies from technological vendors and innovative brands are a dime a dozen. But what is often lacking from these resources are the details regarding the complexity and consistency required to make a company’s digital advertising program truly efficient. This is particularly true of advertisers who are dependent on deeply established platform algorithms.

Delivering digital advertising efficiency requires that advertisers assemble a veritable jigsaw puzzle of components. From the L’Oréal headquarters in Paris, Khoi Truong, Global Chief Consumer Data and Digital Operations Officer will share his experience in successfully deploying a precision advertising program to more than 25 markets. He will identify each piece of the puzzle required to ensure the execution excellence required for efficient digital advertising.

Presenter: Khoi Truong, Global Chief Consumer Data and Digital Operations Officer, L’Oréal
Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

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Khoi TruongKhoi Truong, Global Chief Consumer Data and Digital Operations Officer, L’Oréal Paris

Khoi is an innovative, transformative, digital marketing executive with extensive experience in deploying digital strategy. He is an advocate for evidence-based marketing and operational excellence.

A graduate from Université de Sherbrooke, Khoi has over 15 years of digital experience, specializing in the field of advertising, consumer data and analytics.

Khoi is the Global Chief Consumer Data and Digital Operations Officer for L’Oréal at their headquarter in Paris. His responsibilities include deploying digital operational excellence, governance and activation of consumer data and marketing performance practices.

In addition to his work with L’Oréal, Khoi invests in many ventures and often speaks at educational institutions and organizations on marketing and algorithms.

Since joining L’Oréal in 2011, some of Khoi’s notable achievements include:

  • In-housing of trading desk (supporting 6+ countries)
  • Global deployment of the precision advertising program including adtech adoption and trainings (25+ countries)
  • Global negotiation & partnership management with top martech firms (Global Joint Business Partnership)
  • Transformed digital marketing analytics approach (5000+ dashboard users)
  • Established ROI and learning agenda (Achieved 30%+ media efficiency)