COVID-19 has created a wave of disruption in the world and consumer behavior is no exception. This insightful session will introduce you to a scenario planning approach that will allow you to plan for success in light of the unknown.

Even though we are slowly starting to see economies re-open, the impact of COVID-19 has barely begun. Long after physical distancing is over, we expect to see unprecedented disruptions to consumer behavior. And your brand needs to be ready to reintroduce itself to consumers living in this new, pandemic-age.

Presenters: Ryan Hughes, Senior Director, Strategy and Nicole Stanhope, Manager, Strategy, T1 Agency
Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

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Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes, Senior Director, Strategy, T1 Agency
Closing in on almost two decades of connecting ideas, entrepreneurs, and businesses with consumers, Ryan has written strategies for start-ups, political campaigns, and global brands. During his time client-side, he worked on businesses that were both locally and internationally managed, and in a variety of sectors including health science. As the leader of T1 Strategy in Toronto, he leverages this perspective in guiding creative and brand strategies that help deliver on key results and objectives for clients.

Nicole Stanhope
Nicole Stanhope, Manager, Strategy, T1 Agency
Across almost a decade of agency experience, Nicole brings a diverse background to the Strategy Group at T1. A passionate consumer strategist and data junky, Nicole is a holistic thinker with a keen sense of human behaviour and the ability to spot the next big thing. At T1, Nicole is responsible for client strategy and manages the internal business planning and innovation.