Marketers have never faced as much uncertainty as we are experiencing today in this post-COVID world. This is particularly true for marketers who rely heavily on TV advertising to reach and grow consumers. While more people are watching more TV this year as compared to last, their television viewing patterns have changed considerably. Without the predictable tentpoles of live sports and high-profile primetime shows attracting large, younger audiences, marketers need to take very different approaches to their TV advertising. They need to take lessons and techniques from digital – predictive analytics, audience-based targeting, automation, real-time reporting and optimization and – just in time – flexible buying, and apply them to their linear TV campaigns.

Dave Morgan of Simulmedia will discuss these challenges, offer solutions, and present case studies of brands that have successfully navigated through these issues.

Presenter: Dave Morgan, CEO & Founder, Simulmedia
Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

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Dave MorganDave Morgan, CEO & Founder, Simulmedia

Dave Morgan is the CEO and founder of Simulmedia, a New York City-based software company that enables marketers to drive more value from their TV and premium video advertising. He previously founded and ran both TACODA, Inc., an online advertising company that pioneered behavioral online marketing, and Real Media, Inc., one of the world’s first ad serving and online ad network companies and a predecessor to 24/7 Real Media (TFSM). After the sale of TACODA, Dave served as Executive Vice President, Global Advertising Strategy, at AOL, a Time Warner Company (TWX).

Dave is a Political Science graduate of The Pennsylvania State University and holds a J.D. from the Dickinson School of Law.