This year has brought rapid growth to e-commerce in Canada. More Canadians are making more purchases online and they anticipate doing so even more in 2021. Philip Scrutton (VP Shopper Insights, BrandSpark International) will present findings from the November 2020 edition of the BrandSpark E-commerce Shopper Study and look ahead at what to expect from Canadian shoppers in 2021. Philip will share how many Canadians are buying online in key consumer categories, anticipated growth in 2021, what is influencing online purchase decisions, and how ecommerce is impacting habits along the omni-channel path-to-purchase.

The BrandSpark E-commerce Shopper Study surveyed over 7,000 Canadian online shoppers in November 2020. The study helps marketers understand who shops their category online, what they are buying, from which sites, and how they make online purchase decisions. The syndicated study has run since 2016.

Presenter: Philip Scrutton, VP Shopper Insights, BrandSpark International
Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

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Philip Scrutton, BrandsparkPhilip Scrutton, VP, Shopper Insights, BrandSpark International

Philip joined BrandSpark in 2009 where he directs research for BrandSpark Shopper Insights and Marketing Services. Phil works to uncover insights that will help clients win with shoppers and grow their business, and anchors the BrandSpark consumer award programs in credible research methodologies. In addition to custom research work for clients in multiple consumer goods industries, Phil leads annual syndicated studies including the Canadian Shopper Study, American Shopper Study, Ecommerce Shopper Study, and the Advertisers & Marketers Survey