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Why Social Media is the best tool to connect with your customers

December 15th, 2022 | tobiojenike, Writer

Social media has made brand identity and marketing really easy. It remains the best tool to reach out to, connect with and retain your customers. To make the most out of this channel, it is important to track the progress of social media marketing as a tool to reach and engage customers.

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How to avoid one of the biggest mistakes in social media marketing

December 1st, 2021 | Shazia Khan, Social Media Strategist, Globe Content Studio

Social media is no longer a fresh-faced rookie on the marketing scene – a fun, easy and effective way to get your name out there – it’s now a primary business engine. We rely on it to generate leads, push sales, provide customer service and analyze complex data.

Globe Content Studio, as a division of a major news outlet that reaches 20 million Canadians a month, has worked with a broad array of advertisers across every industry. We’ve learned how they think about, execute and extract value from social platforms, which means we’ve seen a lot of what works …and what doesn’t.

Many brands both large or small, in fintech or flower arranging, online or IRL, tend to make the same social media missteps. Which isn’t surprising, especially in 2021. But here’s the biggest one – and how you can avoid it.

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