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Maximizing Your ROI Through Authentic Storytelling

August 18th, 2022 | darrenmcalmont, Manager, Communications & Content, Association of Canadian Advertisers

The foundation of great marketing is storytelling and inclusivity is the heart of telling stories authentically. Telling authentic stories matter — now more than ever — because consumers are inundated daily with ads, but only few have lasting impressions.

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The Future of Brand Marketing According to Google’s Marshall Self

December 5th, 2013 | Paul Hétu, ACA

Like water to a vessel, marketers must adapt to today’s many media platforms if they want to succeed. That is, in essence, what Marshall Self, Head of Media Solutions at Google Canada, told his audience at the November 5 annual .

Self highlighted how new technologies – smartphones in particular – have fostered a new generation of consumers, and a new audience by the same token. For him, the most pressing challenge for marketers in this new universe is finding the right target consumers and contributing to their quest for a better life.

Self says that brands don’t sell themselves to consumers anymore. On the contrary, it’s the consumers that do the selling by expressing their support in the many communication platforms they have access to. He suggests marketers maximize their ads’ efficiency by making them more accessible and user-friendly (through the use of Skip Ad buttons, for instance), then let consumers find them and take action as they deem appropriate.

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