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Four Key Takeaways from a Media Internalization Journey

November 24th, 2022 | raphaelmetterrothan/charles beaulieu, Raphaël Metter-Rothan, Media Director, Desjardins/ Charles Beaulieu, Partner and Chief Innovation Officer, Glassroom

More than five years into our media transformation, it was right time we began to look at the things we’ve learned, the gains we’ve made and the challenges we’ve faced. With this article, we wanted to share our key takeaways from the past five years.

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Top of our agenda: 3 issues to watch in 2014

January 13th, 2014 | ACA Team,

By Bob Reaume, ACA It being January, every advertising pundit and their cousin are busy doing their look at ‘The New Year Ahead.’ But because the ACA’s focus is on issues that matter to client-marketers, I think you’ll find this list a bit different from most everything else you’ll read out there. The ACA monitors […]

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