2021 Brandspark / ACA Advertisers & Marketers Survey: Investing for Post-Pandemic Brand Success

Canadian Advertisers and Marketers Survey

Investing for Post-Pandemic Brand Success (2021)

This survey covers the key trends and strategies of marketers and advertisers in the second year of the pandemic, and their outlook for the future.

Sustainability & Marketing - Report Results: Canada | April 2021

Marketing and Sustainability: Closing the Gaps


This global study, with Canada-specific results, examines the state of sustainability agendas within organizations and the role of the marketing function in relation to those agendas.

The Bottom Line On Bot Fraud

The Bottom Line On Bot Fraud

A Canadian Study Into Invalid Traffic (2017)

This report covers the breadth and depth of invalid traffic through ad fraud in Canada and provides guidance on how marketers can protect themselves against this type of fraud.

Programmatic: Seeing Through The Financial Fog

Programmatic: Seeing Through The Financial Fog

An In-Market Analysis Of Programmatic Media At The Transaction Level (2017)

This study presents a data-drive fact base around the economics of programmatic media trading and suggest steps to help all marketers take greater control of their programmatic investments.

The Canadian Leading Marketers Survey

The Canadian Leading Marketers Survey

Report (2016)

In an effort to better understand how marketers are focusing their budgets amid an evolving media landscape, the ACA and Nielsen conducted the Canadian Leading Marketer’s survey between the fourth quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016.

March 2012, Volume 1, No. 1 cover

Marketer’s Pulse

(2012 – 2015)

These reports contains results of what Canadian marketers are thinking, planning and experiencing at their workplaces, and with their suppliers and consumers. Thank you to the panelists who agreed to provide their perspectives and insights.

National Salary Survey Report cover

National Salary Survey Report

Report (2013)

A national level report on salary band and company-wide benefits of marketing services related job positions across six main sectors: Traditional Advertising Agencies; Digital and Online Agencies; Media Companies: Publishers & Broadcasters; Client Advertisers and Marketers; Market Research; and Public Relations and Public Affairs.

Marketing Communications Expenditure Survey cover

Marketing Communications Expenditure Survey

Summary report (2012)

This study’s purposes are to provide insight into the current use of media and other MarCom channels, and to identify areas where media and other MarCom channels are changing within budgets and will continue to change in the near future.