WFA’s Creating a global culture of Marketing Effectiveness (North American Report)

WFA’s Creating a global culture of Marketing Effectiveness (North American Report) The Canada/US results of the WFA’s Creating a Global Culture of Marketing Effectiveness report are now available to you. Based on a survey of over 300 marketers (and with inputs from 21 national advertiser associations, including the ACA), the report is the best place […]

Rogers Sports & Media Full Stream Ahead Report '23

Full Stream Ahead Report ’23

Rogers Sports & Media Full Stream Ahead Report ’23 The Full Stream 2023 report dives into the latest streaming behaviours of Canadians – a truly complex audience. You can watch the stream here or download the report and read about the top trends; The state of streaming in Canada The various profiles of Canadian video […]

WFA’s Sustainable Marketing 2030 (North American Report)

WFA’s Sustainable Marketing 2030 (North American Report) The results of the WFA’s Sustainable Marketing 2030 survey are now available to you. The North American Report contains critical information on setting the sustainability context, progress on the sustainability journey, sustainability performance across marketing levers, and more.  

Leadership in a Changing World

Leadership plays a critical role in navigating the current economic landscape, which is marked by unprecedented challenges.

Sustainable Marketing 2030

Sustainable Marketing 2030: A Sustainable Growth Framework for Marketing The key to sustainable marketing lies in advocating for and adopting circular principles in every aspect of the discipline. Based on the findings of this study, the circular marketing growth framework is designed to reimagine marketing’s role within the business and in society, to help make […]

Empathy Inflation Report

Empathy Inflation Report 2023

Canadians and Inflation: The current inflation cycle will hurt the most vulnerable Canadians the most. And not just because of economic disadvantage. Psychological factors play a part as well.

Outlook 2023 web image

Outlook 2023

The WFA has just concluded data collection for media cost inflation forecasts.

These results document media cost inflation/deflation trends for 2022 (Forecasts) and 2023 (Forecasts).

MRC Outcomes & Data Quality Standards

This document represents the Media Rating Council’s (MRC’s) effort to set standards for data quality and attribution of outcomes (Outcomes referred to generally throughout this document) to ad exposure and engagement as part of its ongoing effort to develop standards for media and advertising measurement.

WFA Report | The State of Global Media Industry Talent | Image of Cover Page

WFA Report | The State of Global Media Industry Talent

This joint WFA and MediaSense study examining global media talent was launched in May 2022 on the back of the Media2025 research which revealed how 56% of brands felt that a skills shortage was holding the industry back.

Outlook 2022

Outlook 2022

We have just concluded data collection for WFA’s media cost inflation report.

These results document media cost inflation/deflation trends for 2021 (Actuals), 2022 (Forecasts) and in the case of US TV, 2023 (Forecasts).

Media Inflation 2022 Annual Forecast for Canada

For several years, Forde & Semple Mediaworks has conducted an inflation survey across the top media agencies in Canada to provide an industry forecast view of media inflation for the upcoming year. This effort, along with our industry-leading media auditing service, is geared to helping advertisers to understand how their media activity is impacted by evolving changes in the media marketplace.

WARC Marketer’s Toolkit 2022


This toolkit is a series of 6 reports focused on specific strategy and planning components marketers can use to successfully navigate the 2022 year.

Media Rating Council Brand Safety Guidelines

MRC Brand Safety Reference Guide

Key Questions to Ask Suppliers and Vendors (2020)

This two-page reference document developed by the Media Rating Council outlines ten questions advertisers should ask their suppliers and vendors to maximize brand safety.

Ad Complaints and Disputes Report 2019 cover

Ad Complaints Report

Ad Standards (2020)

Ad Standards releases a report compiling case summaries of consumer complaints about advertising that were recently upheld by Standards Councils (Councils) in 2019.

Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study 2019

Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study

The Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study (CSLS) provides the most comprehensive information on the scope, scale and trends of Canada’s sponsorship industry, including industry size, spending by sector, activation trends, evaluation practices, strategic priorities and future outlook.

2018-2019 Bot Baseline Fraud in Digital Advertising by ANA and White Ops

White Ops & ANA 2018-2019 Bot Baseline Report

White Ops & ANA (2019)

White Ops and the ANA have teamed up to create the Bot Baseline Report, a study of the prevalence of sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) at some of the world’s biggest brands.

WARC Brand Purpose Report 2017 cover

WARC Brand Purpose Report


The Brand Purpose Report analyses trends in brand purpose strategy, including tips for more effective purpose and lessons from the winners of the Brand Purpose category of the 2017 WARC Awards.

The Value of Advertising cover

Value of Advertising

Report (2017)

This report by World Federation of Advertisers isolates the economic and social contribution of advertising and highlights its ability to drive economic growth.

CMDC Media Digest cover

CMDC Media Digest

A Definitive Source For The Media Marketplace (2017)

CMDC’s 2016/17 Media Digest is a one-stop shop for media information.