Sustainable Marketing 2030

Sustainable Marketing 2030: A Sustainable Growth Framework for Marketing The key to sustainable marketing lies in advocating for and adopting circular principles in every aspect of the discipline. Based on the findings of this study, the circular marketing growth framework is designed to reimagine marketing’s role within the business and in society, to help make […]

Empathy Inflation Report

Empathy Inflation Report 2023

Canadians and Inflation: The current inflation cycle will hurt the most vulnerable Canadians the most. And not just because of economic disadvantage. Psychological factors play a part as well.

Outlook 2023 web image

Outlook 2023

The WFA has just concluded data collection for media cost inflation forecasts.

These results document media cost inflation/deflation trends for 2022 (Forecasts) and 2023 (Forecasts).

MRC Outcomes & Data Quality Standards

This document represents the Media Rating Council’s (MRC’s) effort to set standards for data quality and attribution of outcomes (Outcomes referred to generally throughout this document) to ad exposure and engagement as part of its ongoing effort to develop standards for media and advertising measurement.

WFA Report | The State of Global Media Industry Talent | Image of Cover Page

WFA Report | The State of Global Media Industry Talent

This joint WFA and MediaSense study examining global media talent was launched in May 2022 on the back of the Media2025 research which revealed how 56% of brands felt that a skills shortage was holding the industry back.

Outlook 2022

Outlook 2022

We have just concluded data collection for WFA’s media cost inflation report.

These results document media cost inflation/deflation trends for 2021 (Actuals), 2022 (Forecasts) and in the case of US TV, 2023 (Forecasts).

WARC Marketer’s Toolkit 2022


This toolkit is a series of 6 reports focused on specific strategy and planning components marketers can use to successfully navigate the 2022 year.

2021 Diversity & Representation Guide

Diversity & Representation

Guide to potential areas for bias in the creative process (2021)

This Guide tackles diversity and representation issues through the entire creative process, from defining the business and brand challenges to evaluation and analysis.

The Bottom Line On Bot Fraud

The Bottom Line On Bot Fraud

A Canadian Study Into Invalid Traffic (2017)

This report covers the breadth and depth of invalid traffic through ad fraud in Canada and provides guidance on how marketers can protect themselves against this type of fraud.