Modern brands have been tested from all angles in the last decade. If they aren’t being usurped by tech startups, they’re confronted with a ceaseless pandemic. As we saw in 2020, the most digitally innovative companies have had the advantage. That remains true whether they’re selling groceries, fast food, financial services or streaming media. So, it’s fitting that as Ipsos enters its second decade of tracking brand influence, technology brands dominate our Most Influential
Brands in Canada.

In 2021, the world’s biggest tech companies continued to grow. Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook (Meta), Microsoft and Tesla added a combined $2.9 trillion to their collective market caps as of Dec. 23, according to data from Factset.

As we’ve done since 2010, Ipsos asked consumers to assess more than 100 brands on five dimensions of brand influence: Trustworthiness, Engagement, Leading Edge, Corporate Citizenship and Presence. We added a sixth dimension, COVID-19, in 2020 and have retained it in 2021.

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