In 2020, while the digital evolution continued to shape the influence of brands, the COVID-19 pandemic intensified that progression. The outbreak crystalized brands’ strengths and shortcomings, enhancing or minimizing their influence with Canadian consumers. In some ways COVID-19’s impact has reshaped or rescaled a new competitive landscape for the near- and future-term across industries and markets.

For a decade, Ipsos has studied how brands influence Canadians and discovered their sources and impact on influence. Over the first 9 years, Ipsos focused on the 5 chief dimensions that drive a brand’s influence: Trustworthiness, Engagement, being Leading Edge, Corporate Citizenship and Presence.

This year, a sixth dimension emerged: COVID-19, as its influence has been both inescapable and profound. Together, these six drivers provide marketers with the
underlying levers required to increase the influence of their brands.

The more than 100 brands evaluated by consumers comprise a myriad of industries including social media platforms, financial services, retailers and tech giants. Within this massive brand ecosystem, the interplay of influence on and from brands is ever-changing.

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