The Marketer's Guide to Dashboards(2019)

Written in partnership with Nick Drew of Fuse Insights and with contributions from Omnicom Media Group, this whitepaper provides a broad perspective on creating marketing oriented dashboards.

“We are awash in metrics, easily gathered, easily shared and easily misunderstood” says Chris Williams, VP Digital at the Association of Canadian Advertisers, “the industry has to get land on philosophy that balances short-term and long-term results that guide marketer’s efforts and spending. Media options are more numerous than ever and while they can produce reams of numbers, not all of them are worthy of consideration.”

Included in the whitepaper are hypothetical examples of marketer’s situations and how a dashboard visualizes their relevant data. In addition to evaluating sources of data, included is a section describing the role of the Media Rating Council in ensuring data quality and thoughts on using dashboards as demonstrations into agency’s thinking for the pitch process.

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