ISBA Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study
Executive Summary (May 2020)

This study builds on previous industry initiatives by the World Federation of Advertisers and the Association of National Advertisers/ACA (see Programmatic Fog Study). It sets out to identify each element of the supply chain, understand the services delivered and the costs applied at each stage, and provide a transparent picture by mapping supply chains from start to finish, using real market data.

The intention was to provide a more transparent view of the UK programmatic supply chain, for the benefit of all participants and the industry as a whole.

The study reveals the depth of the supply chain’s complexity. 1000+ distinct supply chains were identified; across the 15 advertisers, experts and data scientists were able to end-to-end match 290 chains (31m impressions) all the way to the 12 publishers.

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In addition, ACA’s VP Digital, Chris Williams, discussed the study and its implications with a panel of experts.

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