Global Media Charter coverAdvertisers’ principles for partnership in the digital media advertising ecosystem (2018)

This Global Media Charter sets out the key issues facing advertisers in digital media today. It is meant to act as a starting point for advertisers, agencies, ad-tech companies, media owners and platforms to create a safer, more transparent and more consumer-friendly environment.

Published by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), it was developed in partnership with the ACA, other advertiser associations in the top ten global ad markets, and more than ten of the world’s top advertisers.

The Charter sets out eight clear “Principles for Partnership.” The Principles require action from both advertisers and those across the media supply chain. They are:

  1. Zero tolerance for ad fraud with compensation for any breach
  2. Strict brand safety protection
  3. Minimum viewability thresholds
  4. Transparency throughout the supply-chain
  5. Third-party verification and measurement as a minimum requirement
  6. Removal of ‘walled garden’ issues
  7. Improvement of standards with data transparency
  8. Improvement of consumer experience

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