Advertising and Marketing Law in Canada 6th Edition Sixth Edition (2019)

Written by two of Canada’s leading advertising and marketing lawyers, Advertising and Marketing Law in Canada is written in plain English and contains real-world examples, making it an easy read for marketers not well-versed in legal terms.

In light of the recent concerns with privacy and brand safety, the Sixth Edition, published in 2019, includes important updates to social media advertising practices, including influencers, as well as changes to online behavioural advertising. Specific chapters are dedicated to Drugs and Natural Health Products, Cosmetics, Food Advertising, the regulation of Alcohol and Automotive, federal and provincial rules for packaging, labelling and advertising cannabis products, and uniquely Quebec issues.

A copy of this publication has been provided to each ACA member organization. Additional copies Advertising and Marketing Law in Canada 6th ed at the reduced member rate of $87.50.

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