Outlook 2022OutLook 2022

These results document media cost inflation/deflation trends for 2021 (Actuals), 2022 (Forecasts) and in the case of US TV, 2023 (Forecasts).

Results are based on data provided from 8 major media agency groups and consultancies. Coverage has now been expanded to 31 of the largest ad spending markets, with data being provided for a range of media formats (TV, CTV, BVOD, Addressable TV, Social, Digital, eCommerce and others).

Some key notes from the document include:

  • High level of inflation for the US TV Upfront Prime market projected for the 2022 broadcast year (+21%). However this is projected to decrease slightly to +14% in 2023.
  • UK Linear TV price inflation has yet to reach single digits. Though it has managed to settle down from an extraordinary year in 2021 (+41%).
  • Patterns of inflation for Digital Video and Display looks set to be very similar YoY in 2022 across most markets.
  • Argentina experienced the highest average inflation rate across all media formats in 2021 and this is expected to rise even higher in 2022.

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