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The ACA acts on behalf of Canadian advertisers to negotiate with the Union des Artistes (UDA) commercial agreements for TV & radio as well as internet and new media. UDA covers all talent issues pertaining to all French-language commercials for the Canadian market, regardless of where they are produced.

Negotiations of the UDA TV & Radio Agreement are ongoing. In the interim, current terms and conditions of the 2012-2015 agreement remain in effect.

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(April 9, 2020) Agreement Between the Union of Artists (“UDA”) and the Joint Producers Association (“JPC”) In Connection With the COVID-19 Pandemic
(January 20, 2020) Progress Report on UDA TV/Radio and Internet & New Media Agreements
(March 15, 2019) UDA-JPA TV/Radio commercial production negotiations update members only
(July 13, 2017) Negotiations Between the Joint Producers Association and Union Des Artistes Have Come To A Haltmembers only
(June 13, 2017) No UDA Pressure Tactics Expected Until At Least June 22members only
(June 7, 2017) UDA Threatens Pressure Tacticsmembers only
(May 12, 2017) UDA Prepares Mobilization Planmembers only
(May 4, 2017) UDA TV And Radio Negotiations Working Way Through Mediation members only



View the Collective Agreement Concerning TV/Radio with Union Des Artistes

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