Marketers approach marketing to children with the highest regard, standards and accountability. Canada is heralded around the world as having one of the most comprehensive systems of codes and standards for responsible advertising to children. ACA is a strong supporter of the self-regulatory system in this country.

The system has three key components:

1) Broadcast Code For Advertising to Children
2) Canadian Code of Advertising Standards
3) Canadian Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative

Current Landscape

Marketers’ right to commercial free speech is being threatened by Bill S-228 and a stated plan from the Liberal Government to restrict food and beverage marketing in Canada. Regulations being considered would ban virtually all food and beverage marketing. While ACA fully supports the goal of combatting childhood obesity and fostering public health, we believe the measures being considered are overbroad, would not achieve the desired goal and would do harm to the economy.

ACA Actions

ACA is leading a significant industry coalition working to ensure industry has input into Bill S-228 and our President, Ron Lund, is the industry spokesperson on this issue. We are hopeful we can work with Government on developing an evidence-based strategy to deal with the very real issue of childhood obesity.

In August, we participated in Health Canada’s call for input into its Discussion Document on restricting marketing to children. Read ACA’s response to Health Canada’s “Marketing To Children” Proposal.

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Member Alerts

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