Brand safety efforts on social media platforms continue to fall short of our expectations due to the stress between platforms’ monetization policy and the drive for revenue growth.

ACA believes a coordinated effort is necessary which includes making submissions to the Media Rating Council’s brand safety guidelines and participating in auditing and accreditation of technologies.

ACA cautions members that any platform that relies on user generated content, social media functionality and lacks comprehensive review of all content is a risk to your brand. This risk can be mitigated to some degree but it cannot be eliminated with the current arrangements.

The MRC has identified specific areas that must be addressed with strong business practices in the areas of granular content, algorithmic recommendations, user comments and video preview thumbnails. Additionally, the guidelines address the value of third party measurement within the system. Brand safety efforts are commendable however they must be evaluated by an auditor for effectiveness according to the industry’s standards for accreditation. ACA puts believes the MRC is that third party.

Important future work is based on getting brand safety right.
Measurement products that provide attribution will only be as good as the quality of the data they are provided by other systems. Additionally, they must neutral in their operations identifying campaign components that should be reduced or eliminated.

Supply chains are supply chains.
Advertisers need tools to manage their supply chains according to their own policies, regardless if the chain is a tangible good or an entertainment product. Video creators are businesses and some employ children. So that advertisers can exercise their policies in respect to child labour, they need to know details about the business that produces videos, which country the business is located and what laws apply. Legitimate business need to be identified by country and segregated from unverified suppliers in platform’s interface so that advertisers can be certain their policies have been executed with integrity.

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