BrandSpark President Robert Levy will discuss key trends impacting the consumer and shopper landscape in Quebec and across Canada, and share which brand, advertising, and channel strategies are being implemented by Canadian marketers.

  • How have marketers prepared for impact of ecommerce and the influence of Amazon?
  • How are brands meeting increasing consumer demands including health & wellness?
  • How fully have advertisers integrated their digital and traditional media?

Robert will reveal the current state of strategic marketing initiatives in Canada using results from the joint ACA-BrandSpark Canadian Advertisers and Marketers Survey, as well as recent surveys of marketers’ attitudes during the pandemic. He will provide insight from his own experience helping brands innovate to keep up with consumer trends and navigate the omni-channel marketplace.

Extensive results from the 2020 BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study that compare and contrast consumer behaviour in Quebec and English Canada will be presented.

Please note this presentation is in French.

Presenter: Robert Levy, President & CEO, Brandspark and Shopper Army
Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

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Video recording (French)

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Robert Levy, President, Brandspark
Robert Levy, President & CEO, Brandspark

Robert believes that to get to the right brand positioning companies must utilize quantitative and qualitative techniques and not be afraid to challenge the status quo. Brand positioning should be strong enough to guide all strategic priorities but simple enough to be communicated in an elevator pitch. Robert facilitates marketing and product innovation research and directs the Best New Product Awards. Prior to founding BrandSpark in 2001, Robert was VP of Branding for Cara Operations, one of Canada’s largest restaurant groups. Robert is co-chair of the Mobile Marketing Association Canada and President of the Casa Loma Residents Association.