Influencer marketing is complex. It involves balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders, understanding the different technologies at play, and applying a large dose of creativity. When done right, it can bring a sense of intimacy to your brand communications and build a community of people eager to follow along with your journey. To support marketers in creating compelling influencer campaigns, influenceTHIS has created a taxonomy of the five main types of influencer marketing programs and a list of best practices.

Join Mark Greenspan Founder of influenceTHIS, Canada’s leading influencer and social marketing conference, as he walks you through examples of the five key types of influencer marketing programs.

Presenter: Mark Greenspan, Founder, influenceTHIS
Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

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Mark GreenspanMark Greenspan, Founder, influenceTHIS
Mark Greenspan has spent the last 17 years supporting the growth of digital media companies. He has done this by building a wide variety of industry recognized training and business development programs. Mark started off is career during the first dot com boom working with acclaimed internet consultancy firm Razorfish in London and Milan where he sold and delivered digital solutions to Fortune 500 clients. Mark also built nextMEDIA & The Digis, Canada’s most influential series of digital media conferences and award shows, which were eventually sold to Brunico. Most recently he founded The Digital Growth Lab which created influenceTHIS. Mark holds a Masters of Education from the University of Toronto and is passionate about building inclusive business ecosystems that create economic impact.