Creating digital media accountability through improved governance

March 25th, 2021 | Peter Hanford, Group Director of Digital Growth, Ebiquity Plc

Volume-based buying power has been the main value proposition of the media agency for the last 50 plus years, and with this, media accountability has been rightly focused on volume-based metrics. However, in the last ten years the industry has witnessed the rise of biddable media trading, replacing a relatively simple media ecosystem. This biddable media system is a complex universe of technology and data, with many objectives, KPIs, buy types, formats, and dynamic auction-based pricing. With this, the value proposition of a media agency has shifted to one of digital capability as a key differentiator. And so digital media accountability must now move away from volume-based metrics to account for this change in dynamic.

The need for a new approach is made obvious by one ghastly phenomenon – advertisers waste up to 60% of their digital media investments due to ineffective governance…

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The Importance Of Language In Marketing To New Canadians

February 24th, 2021 | Howard Lichtman, Partner and Co-Founder, Ethnicity Matters

As we turn the corner on COVID, where is your growth going to come from? Is it going to come from your existing clients organically? Are you going to be able to win market share from your competitors? Or can you find a “greenfield” opportunity to reach out to customers who may never have heard of your brand? If you’re interested in the third option, then you need to look at the newcomer opportunity.

The ethnic opportunity in Canada is already the size of the population of Quebec. But that snapshot of time is changing rapidly. Over the next three years, the Government will be welcoming 1.2 million permanent residents to our shores. You can add to that the 640,000 international students that grace our colleges and universities on an annual basis…

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Canada’s Most Influential Brands : PC Optimum enters top 10

February 11th, 2021 | ACA Team,

PC Optimum has landed a top-10 spot in The Most Influential Brands study for the first time. The Loblaw’s loyalty program is the only Canadian brand in the top 10.

“It is very difficult for local brands to obtain and retain a top 10 ranking, and so when we do see a Canadian brand in the top 10, it is really special,” said Steve Levy, COO at Ipsos, at a virtual event on February 2nd.

Levy said a series of “sincere and caring” emails to members from Galen Weston during the pandemic helped strengthen trust in the brand. PC Optimum is also more than a rewards program and is tied to health and wellness, he added.

Now in its tenth year, The Most Influential Brands study is conducted by the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) and Ipsos, in partnership with Publicis and the Globe Media Group. It evaluates 100 brands on five dimensions: trustworthiness, presence, being leading edge, corporate citizenship and engagement. This year, a sixth dimension was added to reflect the help and caring brands showed during COVID.

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The Power of Sonic Branding

February 3rd, 2021 | Tom Eymundson, CEO, Pirate Group Inc.

In today’s very crowded marketplace, branding is playing an even more strategic role in connecting with people. That said, many organizations use virtually the same branding tools in their efforts to connect with customers. While most understand the importance of using their logos, many focus primarily on their visual branding but have yet to harness the power of sonic branding. With every media platform having sound built in, brands need to have their own voice to connect with customers. Discerning brands treat sound with the same care and discipline as they do their visual brand-building.

What exactly is sonic branding?

It’s the strategic use of music, sound and voice to create rational and emotional connections between people and brands, while also reinforcing your brand’s identity…

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What brands need to know about podcasting, especially amid a pandemic.

January 26th, 2021 | Kiran Rana, Executive Producer, Podcasts, Globe Content Studio

COVID-19 has been a media disruptor, but podcasts have emerged as a relatively pandemic-proof way to reach a Canadian audience. As audio continues to explode in popularity, brands are eager to get into the space. But how do you know if a podcast is right for your company? How do you achieve your brand objectives without alienating listeners? And how do you pull it off during a global pandemic?

Here is what you should consider if your company is thinking of creating a podcast this year:

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Resilience: A Critical Team-Performance Standard for Client-Agency Marketing Teams

January 21st, 2021 | Kathryn Fitzwilliam, Principal, Aprais Canada

Even though there is reason for optimism with a vaccine on the horizon, these next few months may prove even more challenging for marketing and agency teams. Pandemic fatigue is the new catch phrase. So now more than ever, managing in a time of crisis is a “make or break” requirement.

During the current crisis, businesses have worked faster and better than they dreamed possible just a few months ago. Maintaining that sense of possibility will be an enduring source of competitive advantage.
– McKinsey & Co.

Recently, Aprais undertook an in-depth analysis of our global database of over 21,000 client-agency evaluations to uncover the defining behaviours of resilient teams – those who rebound in times of crisis.

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