Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy Using Visuals

October 6th, 2022 | Ermelinda Maglione, Content Marketer, Venngage

Marketing today is difficult. Every sector and specialty produce more content, making it difficult to compete and stand out. The constant bombardment of information shortens people's attention spans.

However, you might achieve good results using the content you already have. One way to accomplish this is by including visuals. One image may become multiple, so you can easily update different channels.

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Set Your Brand Up for Success During a Recession

September 15th, 2022 | Darren McAlmont, Manager, Communications & Content, Association of Canadian Advertisers

Setting your brand up for success during a recession means going against what’s intuitive and requires you to trust the process. Increasing ad spend when the economy is facing uncertain times is counterintuitive, but the evidence shows that this is the smart thing to do. The success of your brand after a recession depends largely on what you do before and during.

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Maximizing Your ROI Through Authentic Storytelling

August 18th, 2022 | Darren McAlmont, Manager, Communications & Content, Association of Canadian Advertisers

The foundation of great marketing is storytelling and inclusivity is the heart of telling stories authentically. Telling authentic stories matter — now more than ever — because consumers are inundated daily with ads, but only few have lasting impressions.

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Finding Your Audience In A Changing Demographic

July 28th, 2022 | Darren McAlmont, Manager, Communications & Content, Association of Canadian Advertisers

The pandemic has not only disrupted our behaviour, but the audiences marketers used to target have also changed, and they will continue to undergo change in the coming years. As marketers, we need to constantly stay abreast with who the population is so that we can make good decisions about the stories we want to tell, but more importantly, how we are going to reach the people we want to tell the stories to.

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#oneteam and Media: Built on a Strong and Sustainable Hybrid Model

June 14th, 2022 | , Raphaël Metter-Rothan, Media Director, Desjardins/ Charles Beaulieu, Partner and Chief Innovation Officer, Glassroom

The traditional advertiser / media agency relationship has been the subject of much discussion and questioning. Taking stock of the current situation means taking into consideration a number of the following issues: a loss of trust in agencies, the survival of the local media ecosystem, the increased sophistication of campaigns, and a growing need to use advertisers’ data despite its sensitive nature. No matter how we look at it, one thing is certain: many brands are looking to play a bigger role in their media activities.

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Sponsorship Marketing in 2022

February 3rd, 2022 | Ian Malcolm, President and CEO, Lumency

There is light at the end of the long COVID-19 pandemic tunnel.

Heading into 2022, brands are more optimistic than ever of what sponsorship can do in support of their measurable business and brand objectives.

As we look forward, with COVID-19 transitioning to endemic, sports, arts, culture, community, and music properties offer Canadians the opportunity to come together for human-scale experiences, leaving public health restrictions behind them.

Latent Demand for Live

IMI, the Canada-born global consumer research firm, has been tracking consumer sentiment related to the pandemic across thirty-nine country markets since early 2020. During that time, latent demand for live experiences has steadily grown.

As of December 2021, Canadians’ intent to attend live festivals was 43% higher than it was pre-pandemic, intent to attend community events was 48% higher, and live concerts 32% higher.

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