TORONTO (April 26, 2022) – The bargaining teams for the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) and the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) today agreed to a new agreement that provides stability to the industry for the next year.

The agreement provides an increase in pay and importantly gives the parties a window to jointly work towards modernizing and simplifying the existing agreement, informed by a recent agreement between advertisers and the Screen Actors’ Guild in the United States.

“We’re very pleased that we’ve successfully completed these negotiations,” said Ron Lund, President and CEO of the ACA. “Our members are Canada’s principal advertisers – the people who commission and pay for this work. As the economy emerges from the COVID pandemic our members want to focus on marketing and building their relationships with their customers. That means they want stability, excellence and collaboration in this relationship, and that is what we’ve achieved today.”

“Our members appear in thousands of professional commercials every year,” said Eleanor Noble, President of ACTRA National. “This agreement ensures we will continue to be paid fairly and to work safely, in a stable, collaborative industry. Like our partners in the advertising industry, we’re all keen to work together to show what we can do – which is to make global-quality commercials shot right here in Canada.”

This will be a one-year agreement while the ACA and ACTRA discuss further improvements and modernization.

The Institute of Canadian Agencies (ICA) will not be involved as a co-administrator with the ACA of this agreement since, under their current CEO, they were seeking terms that were not acceptable to either the ACA or to ACTRA.

“The bottom line is that the advertising agencies that our members hire to produce our commercials will be able do so without disruption. We will achieve this through this agreement, administered by the ACA,” Lund said.

The new terms will now be put to the ACA Board and to ACTRA members for ratification. Negotiators for both sides will be recommending ratification.

The ACA has represented Canada’s marketers for over a hundred years.

ACTRA is the national union of over 27,000 professional performers working in English-language recorded media in Canada, including TV, film, radio and digital media.

For more information contact:

The ACA: Darren McAlmont (647) 495 -1271
ACTRA: Carol Taverner (416) 644-1519