TORONTO (May 16, 2023) – The bargaining teams for the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) and the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) today agreed to a new agreement, commencing June 1, 2023, that provides stability to the industry for another year.

The agreement provides an increase in pay and sets out steps toward modernizing and simplifying the agreement through industry-wide consultations that will take place over the next year.

“We are very pleased with the successful outcome of these negotiations,” said Ron Lund, President, and CEO of the ACA. “Our members are Canada’s principal advertisers – the people who commission and pay for this work. They want stability and collaboration in this relationship and this agreement allows for that.”

The ACA is extremely grateful for the participation and collaboration of the agencies that worked with us in the negotiation, including, as an observer, A2C. We are also looking forward to working together with ICA and A2C in the development of a simplified and modernized agreement.

The new terms will now be put to the ACA Board and to ACTRA members for ratification. Negotiators for both sides will be recommending ratification.

The ACA has represented Canada’s marketers for over a hundred years.

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