• The Globe Media Group and Environics Analytics both return to help support the Association of Canadian Advertisers in providing thought-leadership and advocacy for brand marketers.

August 26, 2021: The Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) is pleased to announce its strategic partners for 2021-22. These organizations have stepped forward to support ACA in continuing to provide its products and services remotely.

Returning for a fourth year is media company The Globe Media Group, while data, analytics and marketing services company Environics Analytics continues its partnership with the ACA for a second year.

It’s been a challenging year for marketers on many fronts with a number of new or accentuated issues this past year: striking the right balance between privacy and personalization, communicating purpose authentically, novel ways of reaching at-home consumers, virtual relationships with agency partners, the explosion of e-commerce, rapidly evolving consumer behaviours and expectations, sponsorships, walled gardens exerting their dominance and making inroads in diversity, equity and inclusion.

“Marketers are seeking guidance and additional resources to assist them with these and other challenges,” said Ron Lund, President and CEO of ACA. “We sought out organizations whose values align with ACA’s and who have long served the Canadian media market with advice, insight and stewardship,” affirmed Lund.

Both partners have representatives who sit on the ACA’s Technical Advisory Committee, advising staff on industry developments, on technology capabilities, and provide help in writing guidelines for marketers. They are often the “go-to” resource for quick answers and first eyes on guides as they are in development.

“The ACA is an important resource for client marketers, and we are pleased to continue partnering with them.” said Andrew Saunders, Chief Revenue Officer at Globe Media Group. “As this country’s most trusted media brand, we are in a unique position to provide thought leadership that is specific to the Canadian market.

“As Environics Analytics continues to produce timely and relevant data products, along with the recent addition of exciting new data sources, our partnership with the ACA reinforces our position in the market as the leading data provider in helping brands connect with Canadians” said Jan Kestle, President at Environics Analytics.

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