TORONTO (May 3, 2022) – The ACA’s Board of Directors are delighted to announce ratification of the new agreement recently reached with ACTRA, which provides stability to the industry for the next year.

Pending ratification of the agreement by ACTRA’s members, the agreement provides an increase in pay and importantly provides the parties with a window to jointly work towards modernizing and simplifying the existing agreement.

“I’m very pleased our Board has ratified this agreement,” said Ron Lund, President and CEO of the ACA. “Our members are Canada’s principal advertisers – the people who commission and pay for this work. It is imperative that there is a framework in place providing for the ability to engage ACTRA performers.”

The new 12-month agreement takes effect June 1, 2022. Nothing else changes in the agreement other than removing references of the ICA.

“As we move forward over the coming months, it is critical to simplify and modernize this agreement, ensuring it is reflective and adaptable to ever-changing production and media models,” said Lund. To accomplish this, ACA is inviting the entire advertising agency community who use ACTRA performers to be a partner, including ICA member agencies. Lund adds, “ACA is a big tent organization, and we need the voices of the entire community, from across the country, to help shape this new agreement.”


For more information contact:

Darren McAlmont (647) 495 -1271 .