The media habits of Canadians continue to evolve as new platforms emerge, device ownership explodes and the population becomes more diverse. In order to better understand this evolution and the impacts on media, advertisers and policy, the Media Technology Monitor (MTM) has been surveying Canadians on their technology ownership and consumption habits for nearly 20 years.

As Canada’s premier research product in this area, we survey 12,000 Anglophones and Francophones each year to help our clients make strategic decisions for the future. To learn more about the latest media trends affecting Canadians today, join us as we share some of the exciting findings from our most recent survey.

This session will cover a number of topics including the ongoing SVOD boom in Canada, the use of ad blockers and ad consumption, podcasting, consumption habits of new Canadians and more.

Presenter: Andrea Sharkey, PhD., Director of Corporate Research and Market Insights and Claire Le Maguet, Research Analyst, CBC/Radio-Canada
Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

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Claire Le MaguetClaire Le Maguet, Research Analyst, CBC/Radio-Canada

Claire has two master’s degrees in Political and Social Science from the University of Sciences Po in France. After moving to Canada, she began her career as a Research Analyst at CBC/Radio-Canada’s corporate office in Ottawa. In addition to working on research initiatives for key corporate clients, Claire also works closely with the Media Technology Monitor project where she helps to manage client communications and metrics.

Andrea SharkeyAndrea Sharkey, PhD., Director of Corporate Research and Market Insights, CBC/Radio-Canada

Andrea Sharkey is the Director of Market Insights at CBC/Radio-Canada’s corporate office in Ottawa and has a PhD in sociology from Carleton University. In her role at CBC/Radio-Canada, Andrea oversees all corporate level survey research for internal stakeholders as well as external survey research as it relates the strategic initiatives. One of the largest projects which Andrea manages is the ongoing development of the pan-Canadian Media Technology Monitor (MTM) products which focus on the adoption and use of media technology and activities among Canadians. This includes MTM 18+ which interviews 12,000 Anglophone and Francophone Canadians annually, MTM Jr which looks at the media habits of 2-17 year olds and the soon to be launched MTM Newcomers which focuses on the media consumption patterns of those who have arrived in Canada within the last five years.