Role of SEO in Internet Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

June 20th, 2023 | Prerna Raturi, Writer

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The business world has been evolving since the last decade, and the significant shift is the impetus toward digital marketing.

A company’s image or “brand reputation” does not depend only on the quality of its products. Nowadays, its visibility on the internet is equally important. This visibility can come from content marketing on the internet. Think of it as directly reaching out to the customer base. In this blog, we will discuss what SEO is, its types, and its role in marketing.

Why is SEO so important for Internet Marketing?

A business has various options to reach out to its target audience besides its website. But SEO is one business strategy that you can find common in all these interactions.

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that helps companies reach customers. It also helps let the company know what customers are looking for. It does this by targeting specific words or phrases referred to as keywords by digital marketers. These keywords are chosen based on the search volume and relevance to the company’s products or services.

After that, all content the company publishes online is written around these keywords. It makes sure that these contents are the ones that are shown on the internet whenever a potential customer types in the relevant keywords. It is what digital marketers mean by optimization of the website. Search Engine Optimization takes the cake in determining the website’s online visibility and driving up traffic.

Types of SEO in Internet Marketing

Now that you have understood the overarching principle of SEO let us also discuss the “four pillars” of SEO that this principle rests on top of.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content

On-Page SEO

It refers to the optimization activity on your website. Here, you focus more on product descriptions and answering customer queries. If you have a robust business website, it will indeed receive a lot of traffic and help in your online ranking.

Off-Page SEO

This optimization takes place on other websites, like blogs, social media, etc. So, ensure to provide a link to your website when posting on other websites. It helps to boost your website’s ranking in the long run. By hiring SEO expertise, you can ensure the organic growth of your brand with higher ROI.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses more on search engine crawlers that index your website based on this optimization. Whenever relevant keywords are used in a search on the internet, these search engine crawlers will put your website at the top.


Content is the most important SEO strategy out there. It includes blog posts, articles, guides, videos, etc. You can put many keywords within your content to influence the ranking of your website.

Role of SEO in Internet Marketing

By now, you must have realized the importance of SEO for your business and website. So, let us also look at SEO’s role in digital marketing.

  1. Increased Traffic: SEO helps businesses rank higher in search engine results pages, which drives more website traffic.
  2. Better User Experience: A user does not need to sift through multiple web pages before they can find the relevant information. By optimizing the website, businesses can improve the user experience and motivate users to keep visiting the website.
  3. Brand Awareness: By ranking higher in search engine results, businesses can improve their brand awareness and visibility.
  4. Promotes Sales: Whenever someone goes online to buy something and they visit your website, there is a chance that they might buy from you. Thus, visibility through SEO is also crucial for driving up sales.
  5. Enhances Page Loading Speed: Your SEO efforts will also ensure that each web page is appropriately optimized. It will ensure that they load faster, which is vital if visitors do not want to skip over your website.


The present scenario demands that businesses have a strong online presence. It is to ensure that they remain competitive. Properly investing in SEO will give your business an edge over countless others. We hope that by understanding the different types of SEO and their role in digital marketing, you can improve your online visibility and attract more relevant traffic to your website.

Prerna Raturi, Writer