Why Social Media is the best tool to connect with your customers

December 15th, 2022 | Tobi Ojenike, Writer

picture of social media apps Business owners everywhere are constantly looking for ways to optimize their venture and satisfy customers while also retaining them.

Social media has taken center stage for a long time, and while it is the most common thing we all share, some businesses need to learn how to make the most of the platforms as well as understand their benefits.

About 31.8 million people use social media in Canada, with an average accessing about 6 different platforms monthly, spending an average of one hour, and fifty-three minutes there every day.

Ideas, opinions, and images are published daily online by individuals and businesses, making it the most lucrative tool to gather data, promote your business and keep your customers engaged. Social media remains the best tool to use to connect with your customers as a business.

Some benefits of connecting with your customers through social media are:


As opposed to traditional marketing, which can be both time and money-consuming, social media marketing is fast and effective.

Real-time communication

We all are customers, and we know how off-putting a late response from a brand or business can be. With social media, communicating with customers just got better. A company has a tremendous opportunity to interact with customers and get feedback right away by integrating live chat with social media.

Brand loyalty and customer retention

The real-time communication that social media provides and the various options customers have to reach out to businesses and get a prompt response to ensure their loyalty and instill their trust in the brand.

Many social media platforms offer spaces that can be used to create awareness about a business and promote the identity of a brand. Collaborations with influencers and celebrities also go a long way in putting the image of your business in front of customers.

Brand identity plays an important part in how users can connect and engage with your company. An example of this is how powerful an infographic can be for social strategy. This format is a great way of presenting information visually, boosting engagement and traffic.

How to use Social Media to connect with your customers

Social media is majorly visual, and if a business must succeed and connect with its customers, it is important to use visuals to do that. Visual media can catch the eye of your customers quickly and keep them engaged, and that is what every business wants. Besides that, it can have a significant increase in clicks and sharing.

To be able to achieve all these results, here are a few tips you need to consider if you want to stand out of the crowd and attract more customers:

Share original content

Nobody wants to read what is not true or has been shared extensively. Although creating viral content is no easy task, you should strive to conduct research that will make your brand and business stand out.

Get creative

Creativity is critical when interacting with customers on social media. Using different infographics for different social media platforms screams dynamic and creativity, which is what every customer would love about a brand. Knowing what images sell on what platform is the first step to connecting with your audience.

Make great copy

As the world is busy, people barely have the time to look at and read long captions and informative articles. One sure way of getting people to read such is by writing catchy headlines and titles. Know your audience, highlight their pain or story in a short and sweet way, add numbers if possible, and voilà! They will be hooked.

Color is important

Make sure you choose branded colors for your content and ensure they will catch your customer’s attention. One way of getting customers to recognize your brand is to use your colors, so they know it is you when they see an ad or image somewhere.


Social media has made brand identity and marketing really easy. It remains the best tool to reach out to, connect with and retain your customers. To make the most out of this channel, it is important to track the progress of social media marketing as a tool to reach and engage customers.

Tobi Ojenike, Writer

Tobi Ojenike is a writer and editor who enjoys strawberry milkshakes and long walks. With years of experience as a creative writer and editor, she currently is an SEO writer at Venngage.