Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy Using Visuals

October 6th, 2022 | Ermelinda Maglione, Content Marketer, Venngage

animated picture of spaceship taking off with the word It is no longer enough to provide good content. With over 4 million posts uploaded daily, Google is desperate for something unique and meaningful. Furthermore, Moz and BuzzSumo discovered that 75% of blog posts generate fewer than ten shares and no external links.
To compete in today’s environment, you must have both quality and quantity.

The good news is that this isn’t unattainable, and you can upscale your content development using visuals. For example, you may reuse high-quality photographs and an infographic template to generate great visual material with minimal effort.

Ways to Upscale your Content Creation

In order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and user interests, you need to think beyond just posting lengthy essays filled with information. Here are some ideas for increasing traffic to your blog and getting your content traction:

  • Converting Blog Articles Into Infographics

The most straightforward approach to creating more high-quality content is repurposing what you already have. Instead of constantly creating new content, scale your previous content. One method is turning your blog entries into infographics, which leads to promoting better social sharing.

According to a recent Venngage poll, 66.7% of marketers felt that infographics are essential to their marketing strategy.

The best thing is that they are quite simple to make. The idea is to bundle the definitive remarks while leaving concise information for the infographic.

  • Dividing Visuals

Another technique to improve your visual content marketing is to divide an infographic into portions and broadcast them as slides on a webinar or in an Instagram carousel. You may even upload them at different times to illustrate specific topics.

However, we encourage you to utilize unique images rather than stock photographs. People are more likely to engage with information that appears natural rather than information that is imitative and unauthentic.

Charts and data visualization, on the other hand, are original graphics that may be repurposed indefinitely.

  • Use visuals for promotion

In this age of content marketing, everything is more competitive than ever before. In fact, more firms are investing in this daily. In order to compete, you must spend on both innovation and promotion.

Furthermore, social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook are making it more difficult for organic content to be viewed by prioritizing adverts in people’s feeds. And, because users’ attention spans are so short and continuously inundated with so much information, it is challenging to capture their interest.

Visuals increase the perceived worth of your work. Pictures allow readers to rest their eyes, explain some ideas, and encourage sharing. So, while you develop in-depth material, think about the social media design to make it more appealing to readers.

You can also edit videos and submit them to a YouTube account and build reels for Instagram if it aligns with your branding.


Marketing today is difficult. Every sector and specialty produce more content, making it difficult to compete and stand out. The constant bombardment of information shortens people’s attention spans.

However, you might achieve good results using the content you already have. One way to accomplish this is by including visuals. One image may become multiple, so you can easily update different channels.

Visuals make your content more shareable and linkable, bringing you additional consumers.

Ermelinda Maglione, Content Marketer, Venngage Infographics

Ermelinda Maglione is a Content Marketer for Venngage Infographics. She has more than 16 years of digital writing and copywriting experience, especially in marketing, social media, and SEO.