Finding Your Way In A New World of Challenges – and Opportunities

July 21st, 2020 | Jo-Ann McArthur, Founding Partner & President, Nourish Food Marketing

2020 Nourish Network Trend ReportEvery year since 2016, we’ve released the Nourish Trend Report. It’s our look ahead at the significant trends we predict will change the landscape of the food and agriculture industries. We’re happy to say that, almost without exception, every trend we’ve identified is either still going strong, or has undergone its natural evolution to a new phase. You can view some of our previous years’ Trend Reports here:

But when we wrote our 2020 Nourish Trend Report last November, it was during a very different time. What we couldn’t see coming was a worldwide pandemic crippling economies and completely altering the way society and industry interact. No one saw this one coming (except maybe Bill Gates and Hollywood). COVID-19 has been described as a once-in-a-century event. We hope that’s the case.

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2020 Nourish Trend Report Revisited – Looking Through A COVID Lens

We know from past seismic events that some existing trends get amplified, and others die off. What do we think will be the case for our seven consumer trends? Trends shift, they evolve, they disrupt. They weave themselves into our lives in such a way that it’s far easier to recognize them after they’re already there. Our goal with the Trend Report is to use historical data and patterns to predict which emerging food and beverage trends will gain enough traction to impact society and industry long-term, and how they’ll unfold, before they happen.

Though it’s not easy to base any post-COVID predictions on the past – there hasn’t been a change in the landscape of humanity like this since the Second World War – we aren’t fumbling blindly in the dark.

Here’s a glimpse at the future of the seven critical food trends we profiled in the 2020 Nourish Trend Report, which we will discuss more deeply during our webinar on August 5th. Read the full article for essential insights into consumer behaviour, how you can react, and what questions you need to ask yourself.

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Nourish’s Post-Pandemic Planning Grid for Brands

To help guide you through these uncertain times, we’ve created a chart outlining expected consumer behaviours as we progress through the current situation and exit out the other side. Broken down into three distinct stages, the grid plots many likely developments and outcomes, along with ways your business can react.

There’s a chart tailored for brands and a second for food service. We understand that “post-pandemic” may shift to “learning to live with COVID,” and each stage will vary by province. But, let this be a starting point to help you plan for the future.

You can download our free post-COVID planning grid here.



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